New Works XR Pilot Program 2021 is a new program currently in development between New Works, dance artist Erika Mitsuhashi, and a team of consulting artists and technologists working at the intersection of performance and XR technologies. XR (extended reality) is an umbrella term encompassing augmented (AR), virtual (VR), and mixed reality technologies.

The New Works XR Pilot Program will provide catered support for dance makers and companies working with or in early stages of exploring creation involving technologies that fall under the umbrella of XR. Operating as a case-study model, 2 to 3 participating artists or groups will work with the XR pilot team to develop a structured working plan and identify key resource needs to support their goals and objectives for their XR projects in the form of: workshops for skill development, mentorship with senior artists, connecting with technologists and coders, and XR resource sharing. If this is something of interest to you, we would like to hear from you. Examples of projects using XR technologies here.

The New Works XR Pilot Program is very much in its development phase. The direction of the program will depend upon the supports requested from applicants, with a focus on process, research, and capacity building. Participants or participating groups will have the opportunity to create a personalized program plan with support from New Works and the XR pilot team. By learning from each other’s experiences, participants will gain sustainable skills and knowledge over the course of 6 months (from June to November 2021). A final product or presentation is not intended as part of this year’s program. This program will be entirely online.

Available Program Supports:

  • $4,000 honorarium for subsistence during participation in program
  • mentorship and support in developing processes for integrating immersive technologies
  • connecting artists to technologists
  • digital/virtual literacy & specific skill development
  • access to gear/virtual resources
  • access to virtual resources list
  • access to workshops catered towards areas of interest
  • working in a case-study model using artist’s actual projects as learning opportunities
  • bi-monthly check-ins with cohort to share progress, challenges, and discuss directions for support
  • studio/residency support (depending on availability and scheduling)