We are seeking submissions from emerging South Asian playwrights (13-29 years old), who are based in Toronto/Tkaronto, to participate in our first ever Krantikari Playwrights Unit.

This unit will be a virtual space for South Asian youth by South Asian youth, in which each participant aims to complete the first draft of a play. The Krantikari Playwrights Unit will run for nine weeks and will cover multiple aspects of playwrighting (scene structure, subtext, plot, etc) whilst also exploring traditional methods of storytelling that originated in South Asia. Rather than operating with a traditional top-down structure, this unit will focus on collective learning and teaching, as well as providing feedback to one another for weekly scene sharings. Furthermore, there will also be an interspersed speaker series in which participants are able to have Q&A sessions with Canadian South Asian theatre creators.

If selected, participants will attend meetings every Sunday starting from July 4th-August 29th.