Visual artists, writers and poets residing in Alberta are invited to apply before November 25, 2021!

The goal is for writers and artists to think about energy transition in Alberta. How do we envision the future? What actual options are already there? How should society adapt? Is this an opportunity for change regarding equity and reconciliation? What are problems and challenges? What are the cultural changes? This can be imagined, but still based on reality. For this, I want to connect the writers and artists with energy experts and thinkers, to have discussion and to access information. The result should be an image in print, a story, a poem an essay.

I am seeking 20 visual artists with experience in printmaking and 20 writers or poets (both fiction and non-fiction) to participate in a collaborative portfolio project, conceived and organized by me, visual artist Eveline Kolijn. I encourage a wide spectrum of applicants and indigenous artists and writers to apply!