12 emerging musicians (4 Indigenous, 4 Black Artists) will be selected to learn from music professionals MJ Dandeneau, Grace Hrabi and Alex Sannie about showcasing & touring, and record a live showcase opportunity presented to 20+ presenters (buyers).

Apply by July 20, 2021

Participants will have the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with some fabulous mentors and learn many of the skills needed to further your growth as musicians (becoming future 🤩stars). This program is FREE (valued at $1000 per participant – lucky you) for musicians, in the early stages of their career, that have never showcased before. This program will help musicians get ready for professional provincial, national & international showcasing and touring starting right here in Manitoba!

The training takes place online in a group setting. In addition, each participant will also receive 3 hours of one on one training/meetings with a mentor for some good quality fun.

A program offered by the Manitoba Arts Network, supported by Manitoba Music’s Indigenous Music Development Program.

During the mentorship musicians will learn about:

  • The ins and outs of showcase applications
  • How to showcase & network
  • Preparing for your Showcase recording (includes mock showcase performance)
  • Marketing, branding and creating Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)
  • Planning and booking shows
  • Contract negotiations, tech info sheet & pricing
  • Finding & building an audience
  • Funding & sponsors
  • Touring on the road & digitally

Musicians of all genres (country, folk, pop, traditional, hip hop) and from all regions of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and NW Ontario can apply.

What do we mean by mentorship?
Through this program, you will be given guidance and direction provided by a mentor (an experienced professional from the music industry). The mentor may help with exploring careers, setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources with scheduled meetings either in person or virtually.

What do we mean by Showcasing and Touring?
Touring is an industry valued at over 4 million in Canada. There are networks in each province across Canada that produce an annual conference that showcase multidisciplinary artists. A showcase is on stage with full lighting and sound in front of an audience of presenters/buyers. The artist sings for 15-20 minutes which gives the presenters/buyers an idea of what they would be buying.

Following a showcase there is opportunity to speak directly to the buyers who just watched their showcase and the artist tries to sell their show. Following the conference, within each province 100’s of performances are booked as a direct result of these showcases. Presenters/buyers offer full negotiated artist fees for shows which can range from $500 (emerging artist) – $3000 (mid-level career) per show depending on size of venue and size of the band.

Touring is when an artist or band wants to get their show booked for a tour of consecutive show dates within a given province (a tour could consist of 3-10 performances scheduled consecutively all in different communities). In some provinces such as Manitoba the Manitoba Arts Network acts as a liaison between the artist and communities/presenters/buyers to coordinate or block book the tour dates and negotiate contracts).