The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery is seeking project proposals from Canadian artists on the theme of craftivism for a potential major solo or group exhibition.

We are looking for large scale projects in the craft of ceramics, glass or copper enameling that push the boundaries of contemporary craft and installation art. We want your wild ideas and collaborations. Surprise us with something powerful that will make a statement and command attention when installed in one of our Galleries. Proposals should engage with current Canadian social issues to start conversations, education, and sharing towards the greater good. These proposals will be considered for potential exhibitions in future programming seasons at the Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery (Waterloo, Ontario), with the possibility to circulate across the country.

Projects can include community involvement, workshops, or other initiatives. The resulting exhibition can extend beyond the walls of the gallery into the community, public spaces, and more. We’re looking for truly innovative approaches to contemporary exhibitions. Show us your creativity and vision for an exhibition that brings the community together both physically and visually.

As Ele Carpenter writes in Activist Tendencies in Craft: “In these practices the social, performative and critical discourse around the work is central to its production and dissemination. Here craft is not simply a luddite desire for the localized handmade, but a social process of collective empowerment, action, expression and negotiation.” (Arnolfini Journal, April 2010)

Click here to view a PDF of the Proposal guidelines.

This is an ongoing call. The Curatorial Committee will begin selecting proposals in October 2021, for exhibitions starting in 2023. A future cutoff date will be shared via our social media and website with advance notice.

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