Call for submissions for upcoming mental health series for youths (age 18- 25) in collaboration with CBC CBC Arts and madeofmillions_
Who Should Submit: Canadian followers between 18-25 years of age who have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. We’re looking to feature people of every gender, sexuality, race, religion, class and condition type. ⁣

Where / When: All filming will be done virtually in February 2021. Plan for roughly 2-3 hours of preparation and on screen time. ⁣

Subject Matter: Participants will be asked to answer personal questions about mental health stigma, symptoms and treatment non-anonymously and on camera. ⁣

Interested? Fill out the submission form in our bio/stories and we’ll be in touch! ⁣

Please note: We are only accepting submissions from Canadian followers that fall within the mentioned age range. We’ll make an announcement if these parameters change. Please do not submit via DM or your name may get lost!! #opencall #youthmentalhealth
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