Alchemy is an international artist-led residency exploring the common themes between artistic practice and the cooking and sharing of food in community settings. Since 2017, this residency has taken place in rural Hillier, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, during the harvest season.

Since the onset of COVID, we have found safe and creative ways to engage and encourage artists to continue work in progress or undertake new work inspired by the people and terroir of this dynamic rural agricultural setting. Participating artists committed to this project will live and visit Hillier from late spring through to the fall harvest season to create site-specific art on wineries and farms and engage in community events and activities. Programming will bring artists and the community together to explore, learn, create, and share lines of inquiry. Through community engagement and a commitment to collaborative process, we collect, tell, and document multiple stories showcasing what compels people to continue to create, grow, farm, and live here.