1. This is a pretty simple applications form. Some questions are longer than others to give you a better idea of what to expect from painting with us.

2. We do not ask artists to create work for submission.

3. Given the first point, this is why it’s really important that your Instagram or other online portfolio is stacked with recent samples of your work. If your Instagram is full of photos of your cat, it makes it really hard for us to get a sense of your work. We love cats, but this is only helpful if your body of work is centred on painting your cat. Please only give us the link that best represents your art practice.

4. Considering the constantly changing context of the COVID19 travel restrictions, we have a limited capacity to host international artists at this time. That said, the application is open to international artists.

5. The applications will be reviewed and shortlisted by the VMF curatorial team, including our guest curators. We expect between 500-1000 applications for only about 30 walls. We thank you in advance for your submission, because we will not be able to respond to everyone who’s applied. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted in April.

6. Artists are fairly compensated for their work based on national standards.

7. You will get an email to confirm the submission of your application. If that doesn’t come through, please submit again. You can always edit your submission after hitting send.