Oeno Gallery’s Sculpture Garden at Huff Estates opened on June 25, 2011 as a place
dedicated to the exhibition of world class outdoor sculpture. The 4 acre garden has
become a prized feature of the property and has received thousands of visitors to date.
The gallery invites artists to submit proposals for the garden’s 9
th exhibition year. The
property offers a wide variety of sites for placement. Areas to consider include the
sculpture garden proper, the outdoor area by the winery, the zone immediately
surrounding the gallery, and the pond (limestone quarry). Proposals will be reviewed
and selected by the gallery.
Sculptures must be original, durable, and safe for viewing by the public in an
unsupervised natural area. They must be able to withstand extreme year-round
weather conditions and tolerate strong winds. The work must also be available for
sale. The artist is responsible for the transportation, installation and removal of their
work. Interested artists are to submit proposals to: Dana Charles dcharles@oenogallery.com