We would like to extend an invitation to our creative community in all kinds of artistic expressions to send your proposals to be part of our upcoming programming at Celebrating Life 2022 that will be taking place in the spring of 2022.

Lead by Casa Mexico with the support of Calgary Arts Development, The City of Calgary, Arts Commons, Equinox Vigil, Mount Royal University and diverse community partners, Celebrating Life will be taking place two years after COVID-19 started.

Celebrating Life 2022 will be an iconic event where the citizens of Calgary will have the opportunity to mourn together honouring those who are not physically with us anymore, and at the same time celebrating our own lives, and reflecting on the immense possibilities moving forward.

Inspired by the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos, and the experience of Equinox Vigil, Celebrating Life 2022 will be a joyful celebration with different activities taking place virtually and in person around all four quadrants and downtown of our city where citizens of Calgary can joyfully celebrate a brilliant future as individuals and as a community.

We are interested in receiving artistic proposals that are specially curated to reflect a collective mourning sense and at the same time celebrate that we are here together with a brighter future ahead of us. Accepted proposals will receive an honorarium or artistic fee for participation at the program. All types of artistic proposals will be considered including music, dance, storytelling, film, theatre, multi-media, podcast, digital art, or any other innovative format.

Fees/honorarium will vary and be determined based on the proposals presented and the number of artists participating. Please use the following table as a reference:

Solo Artists: $250
Duets: $500
Quartets: $800
Performing Groups: $1,000
Music Bands: $1,500