Socially Distant Art (SDA) is a digitally-based, grassroots arts residency program with a focus on cultivating accessibility and inclusivity in our residents’ creative and organizational practices. We are shaping our program with an intersectional approach to accessibility, building our work upon innovations within mutual aid movements and the Disability Activism community.

Socially Distant Art (SDA) is seeking a new cohort of artists, creators, and organizers for a no-fee, accessibility-focused, virtual residency. Applications are open to national and international creatives of all experience levels and disciplines, including (but not limited to) visual artists, sound/audio artists, performers, composers, choreographers, writers, filmmakers, arts administrators, cultural leaders, and creative producers. We want applicants who have a sincere commitment to creating a more accessible and inclusive arts world and are interested in developing and participating in a new, digitally-based arts community.