Join us in creating works of art in response to complex scientific concepts that inspire
conversation within our community, our public health workers, and our policy makers
The Art of Creation is an arts-based science translation program and public exhibition project
that uses art to translate the biology of the early origins of health and disease to the public,
policy makers, and social and healthcare providers. What are the early origins of health and
disease? Most of us know that our risk of developing diseases like heart disease and diabetes is
influenced by our genetics, what we eat, and how much we exercise. But in addition to these
factors, your parents’ health (including the health of their sperm and eggs) and your environment
for your first 1000 days of life change how you grow and develop.
This project is led by McMaster University’s Dr. Deborah Sloboda, in collaboration with a team of
scientists and healthcare professionals from around the world, and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.
Join us in this unique and innovative partnership between the arts and sciences!