Canadian Heritage

The Art in the Capital Program, managed by Canadian Heritage, aims to raise the profile of Canadian public art in the urban spaces of Canada’s Capital Region.

Canadian Heritage is seeking a dynamic, impactful image that conveys the theme “(ex)CHANGE.” This broad theme invites artists to consider the constant state of flux that we all live in—on both a micro and macro level, personally and collectively, as change shapes us and as we shape change—and how we can learn and grow when we share these experiences.

Three artwork proposals will be chosen by a selection committee to be reproduced on exterior-quality graphic film and installed on stairs at three prominent locations in downtown Ottawa for a one-year period starting in spring 2022.

This Call for Proposals is open to all Canadian visual artists, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators between the ages of 18 and 35. All genres will be considered – figurative, abstract, collage, trompe l’oeil, optical illusion, pattern, etc.