Seneca College is seeking individuals from diverse background to serve as advisors for a new program in development that develops young talent in emerging forms of photography, imaging, and visual content creation.

Background: Over its history, changes to the field of photography have been occurring with each new development in technology. Today, imagery is everywhere, and is a significant part of people’s daily lives. At the same time, every person with a smart phone can be a photographer, video maker, designer, and other content creator. The ease and proliferation of advanced mobile technology, along with continuously sophisticated artificial intelligence tools, enable individuals to produce images which, to many, are of “good enough” quality. While the skills of professional photographers are still in demand, the landscape for these for-hire services have changed. Social media, AR+VR, data visualization, drone, GoPro footage, 360-degree, AI image generation, sensor-based imaging, projection mapping, mobile app production tools, and other emerging technologies take up increasingly more space in the media diet of most creators and audiences.

Seneca’s new program would leverage its experience in photography education towards a wider range of applications and technologies for such practitioners in order to provide the graduate with tools and knowledge that enable increased forms of creative expression and the number of places they find demand