The Indigenous Curatorial Collective / Collectif des commissaires autochtones (ICCA) is excited to put forth a call for two moderators to facilitate roundtable discussions that will take place during our upcoming 2021 Digital Gathering, Solidarity Across Space. These roundtables will be conversations between curators, art creatives, cultural workers, and educators around practices of solidarity within their work and communities. These conversations will revolve around these themes:

Beyond the Solidarity Hype – #Solidarity: How and who benefits from solidarity projects? What does sustainable solidarity look like? What are the concrete tools and actions related to solidarity in the BIPOC art communities? What does Solidarity look like right now at a time when we engage primarily online/on social media?

BIPOC Art Creatives Solidarity: How do we share our practices among our BIPOC communities? How do we share love and solidarity when distanced/living away from our communities, particularly during the time of COVID 19?


Each moderator will be invited to choose up to three participants with whom they will deepen their reflections around either of these themes and questions during a collective discussion of approximately 1 hour. These pre-recorded roundtables will be released throughout place during our digital gathering Solidarity Across Space in November 2021, along with the dialogue transcriptions in English and French. We encourage broad conversations that are accessible to the general public and that represent a variety of experiences, perspectives and ways of participating in discussions.

The selected moderators will coordinate a first meeting between their panel participants in order to prepare the discussion and build relationships. We recognize that the concept of round tables in this type of event can often be difficult to access and institutionalized, and we wish to question this process and create opportunities for exchanges that allow to create new spaces for sharing with participants through the diversity of knowledge and experiences shared during these discussions.

Each participant will receive: 

$150 honorarium for round table preparation meeting

$300 honorarium for round table participation

The moderator of the panel will receive:

$150 honorarium for round table preparation meeting

$450 honorarium for round table facilitation

A note on mentorship: 

If you would like to submit and need some assistance or guidance in any way of creating your submission, please reach out to, who is available for holistic mentorship to ensure everyone can submit. If you would like mentorship throughout the preparation of the round table, please indicate this request in your submission. Emily is also available for any mentorship that can be negotiated between both parties in a structured or unstructured way.

A note on selection:

We will be selecting submissions based on collecting a diversity of perspectives and experiences around these round tables topics. At the ICCA, we work from an intersectional framework that takes into consideration multiple structures of oppression that impact our communities, locally and globally. We will be selecting submissions in alignment with how we can best support community members heavily impacted by the structures of colonialism. We encourage BIPOC people who identify themselves as youth, emerging and Elderly to apply. We are accepting submissions from candidates living outside the colonial borders of what is known as so-called Canada.

How to submit:

In your submission, please include your contact information, a bio, and the following information:

*Contact information (name and email address)

* A short bio

* A 500-word written explanation of your intended round table OR reach out to us if you would prefer to communicate your intended submission in any other way.

*Clearly outline which round table theme you would like to touch on

*Your choice of a maximum of 3 potential participants

*If you would like to avail of mentorship throughout the round table preparation process.

Please send applications for this call and any questions you may have to, and indicate “ICCA Call for Panels Submission ” in your subject line.