This summer, The Ecology Action Centre (EAC) is celebrating their fiftieth anniversary with “50 Things: a province wide, interactive art adventure”. 

The fifty things will be commissioned pieces of art inspired by stories, people, places and themes relevant to the EAC, and is being curated and created in association with Zuppa Theatre Co.

The art pieces will be embedded in 50 locations across Nova Scotia and discovered through Zuppa’s NowHere app. When participants get close to trigger locations, the app will “unlock” the EAC stories and associated art pieces.

Zuppa, The EAC and community volunteers will also be creating artistic content.

The commissions are broken down as follows: 30 commissions at $1000 and 4 at $3750 (designated BIPOC commissions**)

**While Zuppa and the EAC will prioritize diversity across all of the 34 commissioned pieces, there are 4 designated BIPOC commissions (open specifically to people who are Black, Indigenous or identify as a person of colour) at the higher fee of $3750. The voices of Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Colour are often excluded from environmental movement spaces. These spots are open for BIPOC artists to conceive and create on any topic related to environmentalism, climate, conservation, climate justice, etc. that they would like to address.

Artists will have six weeks to complete their ecology inspired mini-commission.


Fill out this google form with your contact information, top three picks for theme, and a rough sketch of your idea for your top choice.

Submissions will be accepted until 11:59pm, Friday, May 28. Successful applicants will be notified before June 11tth, and artists will have until July 23 to create and submit their piece.


Since the works need to be accessible for a number of months and given the micro-commissioning nature of the fees, *live* performance is unlikely to be feasible, but performances captured on video are. Otherwise: all genres are welcome: poetry, prose, sculpture, film/video, audio, music, installation, digital, textile, visual…etc

*note digital/virtual art will likely be accessed via smartphone.


Right away. If your application is successful, you will be given a contract and your funding will be forwarded right away so you can get to creating. The commissioning fee includes all costs related to your project.


Volunteers and archivists from the Ecology Action Centre are busy at work gathering information pertinent to each theme. You will be provided with the information to use as source material, inspiration, etc. From there, the sky’s the limit, and you are free to create.


We wish to engage with artists at all levels of experience, from all across the province.

If you are not able to complete a Google Form, please let us know. We will figure out the best way for you to apply. For example, if you’d rather explain your idea to us directly, we’re open to that, too!  Phone calls, Zoom meetings, video submissions, etc. are welcome alternatives to filling out the Google Form. Or…if there’s a way you would like/need to apply that we haven’t included here, please let us know.


Some of the themes are tied to specific locations in the province, and some are open for discussion. If you have an idea for where the public should engage with your piece (for example: a one-minute soundscape inspired by coastline protection, which you wish to be located at Martinique Beach…) – feel free to propose/specify in your application.

Provincial public health restrictions regarding travel, gathering limits, and retail change frequently. In the execution of this project and all ancillary events, public health guidelines must be followed. We recognize the uncertain and shifting nature of these times, and are committed to working with artists to find creative solutions to challenges as they emerge, while keeping our communities safe.

To apply, go HERE.

To learn more about The Ecology Action Centre, go HERE.