Who We Are: artsUNITE / UNITÉ des arts strives to provide artists and creative entrepreneurs with a free, centralized, comprehensive and humanistic wayfinding service that connects people to resources in the arts. We help you find resources in funding, work, services, crisis support and learning opportunities that are curated according to artist-specific needs. We want Canadian creatives to have equitable access to resources. Adapting to the changing needs of the arts sector post-COVID-19, and with support from partners across Canada, artsUNITE / UNITÉ is a dynamic service, focusing on providing diverse and adaptive resources that will enable our creative communities to survive in the current moment and thrive in the long run. We’re on a mission to unite the national Canadian arts sector in a mutual goal of empowering, educating and employing Canadian artists and creatives.
What is the Funding Database:
The artsUNITE Funding Database was created in 2020 to provide accessibility and understanding of Canada’s arts grant ecosystem. The Database helps artists access grants across Canada and understand the granting ecosystem. Artists can search the database by eligibility, and realize a curated list of grants. The Funding Database is a free and comprehensive, making it one-of-a-kind, reducing research hours, and making it easier for grant applicants to apply.

What are we looking for?
artsUNITE has redeveloped the Funding Database in order for the product to be a meaningful
resource for Canadian artists. We are currently looking for Artist Consultants to assist us with next phase of this project which consists of 2 segments.

1. Complete the Questionnaire – The Artist Consultant will assist with the external testing phase of the Funding Database providing us with feedback by completing a questionnaire. Your perspective and unique insight is greatly valued and your responses and suggestions on the functionality and usability (not design) of the Funding Database Search will be shared with our Developer for implementation.

2. Call for Content – In addition to completing the questionnaire, we are seeking original content (articles or written content 300-500 words) from the Artist Consultant that speaks to the arts funding ecosystem within Canada. This artist-created content will be featured on the artsUNITE website directly integrating the content to the Funding Database. Below is list of potential topics, and we are open to other suggestions as well:
· Navigating the database and your search for funding opportunities
· How to fund your next creative project?
· Private vs government funded grants?
· Grants vs Residencies
· Local or federal/nationwide grants
· Understanding which grants are a good fit for your project?
· Tips on finding grant opportunities and/or pathways specific to your discipline
· Granting agency “walk thru”
· Financial support for artists from priority communities
· How to find financial support for community-based arts projects either as an organization or individual
· Application specifics – Proposals, budgets, etc.
Open to all artists from any discipline with experience writing grants and applications for funding opportunities. (Architecture, Crafts/Artisan, Media Arts, Literary Arts, Music & Sound, Performing Arts – Dance, Theatre, Other, Visual Arts)
Submission requirements:
1. Artist CV and Bio
2. Pitch for article or written content – Please submit a brief pitch that speaks to the arts funding ecosystem within Canada.

Once accepted you will be required to fill out both the questionnaire and complete the article or written content ~500 words from the Artist Consultant that speaks to the arts funding ecosystem within Canada.

Honorarium: $500 (Completed questionnaire and written content)
All submissions received by Friday, March 10, 2023
Selected Artists Consultants will be contacted by March 13, 2023
Written content due: March 24, 2023

Submit Artist CV, Bio and Pitch by email to: edagostino@artscape.ca

Thank you!
We truly appreciate your assistance in ensuring we can provide the best possible service to our fellow Canadian creatives through this resource.
If any questions, please reach out to…
Elizabeth D’Agostino, Assistant Manager artsUNITE edagostino@artscape.ca