Art has long been known to be a wellspring of secrets, imagery that is not always meant to be known at first sight, a thing hidden from the plain view of others. Such things beckon the attention, provoking curiosity, a desire to gaze longer at the artworks, to know more about the subject’s intention that is not readily shared.

What about the secrets we all know, the ones that come into collective sight, about all the various subjects and circumstances that are raising collective consciousness. What about the secrets in our sight, the ones we received an invitation to, the ones we may have or not, taken part in, to commune with those wild spirits that call to us and resonate with us for special reasons; the secrets we endeavour toward, only to return to our sequestered silence and take up that secret oath.

The people, places, and things that we recognize yet, remain hidden or unacknowledged in the sight of those who stand apart. These secrets that lie in plain sight are what Beaux Arts Brampton now searches for its next exhibition, Sightful Secrets Summer 2021 Art Exhibition.