ArtsNL is accepting applications for the School Touring Program (available to professional artists, groups, and non-profit arts organizations). The School Touring Program supports tours of high-quality artistic presentations that also offer creative workshops for students to schools in the province through in-person or virtual settings.

Application deadline: Tuesday, June 15, 2021
(Tours must take place between September 15, 2021 and June 23, 2022)

Please visit for program information, only.

To register with the ArtsNL online system, and to complete and submit an application, you must visit

Schedule an appointment with ArtsNL program staff to review your application before a deadline by clicking here.

View a video of a step by step walk through of a School Touring Program online application here.

All applicants should note: Eligibility criteria, program guidelines, and application requirements for ArtsNL programs can change without notice. Ensure you review the eligibility criteria, program guidelines, and application requirements for this program within the online application page before you submit your application.

Complete applications MUST be submitted online using the ArtsNL Online Application System by the application deadline. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.