A WAY Gallery accepts artists working in any media and at any stage in their career. We are open internationally to submissions, there is no limit on theme, geographic location, or medium. If selected A WAY Gallery may be in touch for additional information regarding your submission then what is given below. Artists are assessed for each exhibition by the work they submit on this page.

Specifications and Requirements:

At A WAY we only accept completed Artworks to our Calls.
Works submitted must have been created in the last two years.
Artists are able to submit a maximum of three artworks to each exhibition Call.
Please keep in mind that the A WAY Online Gallery will be using the photograph you submit here for our online gallery. Please take a few extra moments to make sure your sending us the best image possible as a part of your application (please have these images in JPEG format with the maximum image size of 6 MB (6000 KB)).
The artwork you submit for each Call to artists MUST be reserved for sales for the duration of the exhibition and not sold elsewhere.
All artwork for sale at A WAY will be priced in CAD dollars.
If we facilitate a sale through the A WAY Online Art Gallery during the duration of the exhibition A WAY asks for a 15% commission. Please factor in this amount when pricing your artwork. If the artist makes a sale of the artwork after the exhibition is over on their own we do not expect a commission. If you believe that A WAY helped to create that sale through the promotion of this website and would like to donate a commission to A WAY that is at the artist’s discretion. We understand and want to encourage our artists to make as much of a profit as they can off the sales of their artwork, to help them continue doing what they love. We are a Gallery that supports our artist community.
For A WAY Gallery artwork is only shipped if sold (since our exhibitions are online, it helps to reduce costs for all). If artwork is sold on A WAY it may ship internationally, and buyers will be responsible for paying the shipping costs. The A WAY team will communicate with the buyer in the event of the sale and will be in touch with the artists to facilitate the sale. By filling out this application the artists agrees to be in charge of packaging and shipping their artwork in a safe, and professional manner to the buyer.

About the Fee:

Why is there a fee you may ask?

The Fee for each exhibition goes towards the upkeep and making of this Online Gallery, to pay the juror and the staff at A WAY, it goes towards funding more projects like this one, and towards small grants for artists. All opportunities will be up on our CALLS TO ARTISTS page when they come up.

For all Online Exhibitions; in order for your Submission to be considered for an Online Gallery the artist must pay the submission fee and the submission fee is non-refundable.

How to Submit:

Fill out the form below, be sure to clarify which Call to Artists you are applying for by giving us the exhibitions name. We may run more then one Call at a time.
Pay for your Application at the Paypal link below.
Email your high quality images to A WAY Online Gallery at info@awayartgallery.com

After you Submit:

Artists will be sent an email regarding the status of their submission after the exhibition deadline; it may take up to one week to review all of the applications by the juror. A WAY will notify everyone regarding the status of their application once all artwork has been considered.

Thank-you for reading about our Calls to Artists now go-on and submit!”