This is a non-juried online group exhibition welcoming all artists to submit works. Online Exhibition Dates: April 28 — May 16, 2021
Call for Submission Details:

Throughout photographic history, there has been a desire to alter the captured image. The earliest techniques were necessarily analog in nature; applying exposure manipulations, colouring, cutting, or chemical processing. Artists today continue to practice in this analog realm, where there remains a freedom to explore through a choice of materials and modification approaches.

We are looking for artists who work with the following altered image techniques: Photo-collage or other hand-manipulation approaches including for example physical modification through painting, texturing, distorting, cutting, adding, removing, layering, weaving, etc, or physical photographic print interventions through hand-printing processes are all acceptable. An interactive ZOOM altered image demonstration by Tony Bounsall will be presented on Thursday, March 25, 6 – 8 pm.

The dominant photographic elements in the work must be the artists own creation and copyright, and have been captured through camera or camera-less means. Physical alteration techniques may be applied to analog or digital prints.

This online exhibition opens on April 28th and will be actively promoted until May 16. Works will remain available for purchase through Propeller Art Gallery’s website until July 26th.