Submissions for the 14th annual ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York April 7-13, 2022 are now open!

ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York is the largest festival in the country dedicated to promoting awareness and appreciation of the lives, stories and artistic expressions of people with disabilities. Started at Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan in 2007, the annual festival presents award-winning films by and about people with disabilities in multiple locations throughout each hosting city. Post-screening discussions and other engaging programs bring together the community to explore, discuss, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of our shared human experience.

As part of the ReelAbilities accessibility mission, all films are screened with open captions and audio description, and live-events include accessible venues and seating, CART (live-captions), and options for ASL interpretation and braille materials.

In addition to the original New York festival, ReelAbilities operates an international program with over 20 cities hosting ReelAbilities festivals and screenings that follow the same format and mission throughout the US, Canada and Latin America.

Films submitted and accepted to ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York will be eligible for programming at 20+ other ReelAbilities host city locations as part of ReelAbilities International.

ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York is now accepting international film submissions for its 14th edition, to take place in multiple locations throughout the NY metropolitan area between April 7-13, 2022.

We are looking for films presenting the lives and stories of disabled individuals and communities (in front or behind the camera) that explore, discuss and celebrate the diversity of the shared human experience.

We encourage and prioritize films that include authentic representations from actors, writers, directors, crew and creators with lived experiences with disabilities.

We accept features (over 40 min), shorts (up to 40 min), narratives and documentaries from all countries.


Eligibility requirements for submission to the festival:

* Films must be related to the topic of disability, such as: autism, chronic illness, hearing loss and deafness, vision loss and blindness, intellectual disability, learning disability, memory loss, mental health, physical disability, speech and language disorders, PTSD and other disabilities not specified above.

* Films that have been (or plan to be) widely/commercially released theatrically or on VOD/stream prior to April 2022 are not eligible for submission.

* Films that are advertisements commissioned by a commercial company or a promotional video for an organization (PSAs) are not eligible for submission.

* Screeners sent as links should be available through April 2022. Links must be updated by submitters on their FilmFreeway account if changed.

* We greatly recommend adding accessibility features such as captioning and audio description to your film so it can be reviewed by all committee members.

By submitting your film you are acknowledging that:
1. To the best of your knowledge, all of your statements below are accurate.
2. You are duly authorized, on your behalf and on the behalf of any person or entity that has ownership rights in the work, to submit it to the Festival and you represent that this submission is not in violation of any law nor violates any right of said person or entity.
3. You hold ReelAbilities Film Festival, its officers, as well as any of its fiscal sponsors and affiliated entities, harmless from any damage to, or loss of, any materials submitted by you, whether that damage occurs en-route to or from the Festival or during the course of the Festival’s possession of said materials.
4. You do not have a planned theatrical or online release of the film prior to April, 2022.