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Amanda Lederle (they/them) is a Toronto-based artist and facilitator. Amanda is influenced by their lived experience as a queer, person of colour with mental illness, and work towards personal growth. Their artistic work uses the form of illustrated maps and mixed media to explore identity and connection. Amanda is also the founder of CreateBeing, a company that focuses on creativity and mental health. Amanda has always been interested in storytelling and received their Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies.You may see Amanda at events and training programs as an Active Listener, and serving on the Lived Experience Committee at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). Amanda’s art has been exhibited at Being Scene, Gallery 1313, Open Minds Quarterly and in the Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience anthology. You can find more on AmandaLederle.com and CreateBeing.com, and on Instagram @AmandaLederle and @CreateBeing.

Tips to Being an Intentional Listener

Being able to give someone an opportunity to open up and talk can be a small step to supporting someone’s mental health or with a potential creative collaborator. Listening skills are useful and transferable but is a generous act that requires energy. Here are some tips before you start lending your ears.

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Make Your Own Self Soothing Desk Kit

Now that we are working online, I needed to modify how I connect with others and that includes how I take care of myself. I realized that the bag I brought to in-person events was something I could recreate for myself, so I created my Self Soothing Desk Kit.

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