Artist Spotlight: Celia Pang Kin Lan

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The Artist Spotlight series aims to celebrate creators at a time when art is being consumed the most. We wanted to invite individuals working within the creative field to provide their voice, opinions and suggestions for the improvement, development and future of the Canadian creative community

This week’s featured artist is Celia Pang Kin Lan, a Doodle Artist and Graphic Designer, originally from the Island of Mauritius. Newly relocated to Toronto just before the pandemic, we chatted with Celia about her experience so far in the city, what she’s been working lately and her passion for bringing happiness and light to people’s lives through her murals.

Q: Can you share a little about yourself and your background in the creative field? What inspired Dreamdoodle?

I have always been inclined to pursue creative work because in a very spiritual and emotional way, art saved my purpose in life.  I ended up studying and receiving a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design and advertising. Art is about reviving the soul; providing a spark, an emotion, a moment in people’s life. Graphic design and advertising is similar, but more structured in guidelines and branding goals while still utilizing my creativity, which I love. The most important thing I feel while working in the advertising world is the connection with people; sharing and collaborating as much as possible to help bring an advertisement to life.

As an introduction to my work, there is a strong focus on nature, happy and positive vibes, emotion, people and culture. I am a lover of nature and am all for protecting the beautiful gifts we are offered by our environment, the increase of marine pollution happening right now is very upsetting. My artistic style is called ‘Doodle’ which means, ‘grab a pen & a white piece of paper, and scribble the way you want!’ So I dream and doodle to share my vibe. Working as a doodle artist, I am so grateful to have witnessed how much people love my work. I enjoy working collaboratively with my clients to make their dreams come true; I love to see that distinct smile on people’s faces when the work is done.

Q: Your collab with ALMUN is gorgeous! Can you share how this opportunity came about, and a little bit about your creative process for this project? 

Yes, I’m originally from Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean and then moved to Toronto for new experiences and to start making new connections. I am very much looking forward to working on some public mural art pieces and live painting events whenever and wherever these opportunities are available.

I always shared my work on social media, just for fun. Some folks spotted my work and reached out asking if we could collaborate on mural art project. You can see the finished piece on my Instagram. In my creative process, I usually ask for a project brief, send a proposal for client approval and get the work started by planning the schedule, purchasing materials, etc. I literally just need to be there, that’s the most important piece of it all, haha. I know just by looking at the blank wall how I want to apply the paint and the spacing of the piece.

Some of my favourite collaborations I’ve worked on include Nature Mural Art at So’ Flo, Paradi Dan Lanatir at Quartier General (QG),  A Tamarin Beach Vibe at Veranda Tamarin Hotel and African Architecture at African Leadership University.

Q: Is there a quote/ mantra you live by?

Never give up on what you love to do.

People will always talk or make assumptions about you, but you know who you are. So just be YOU.

Always try your best and never stop learning until your last breath.

Q: (How) Has the pandemic and physical distancing measures affected you and your family/your art? Has it affected your ability to collaborate or so you do a lot of work alone?

I had literally just started my life in Toronto when the pandemic hit. Personally I can still collaborate with my clients online and my creative work/time is almost always done alone. I just hope things get back to ‘normal soon’ and we can start to enjoy events like musical festival again. I know this pandemic has certainly hit many artists, especially musicians and actors hard.

Q: What are you working on/up to right now?

I am trying to embrace the city life here in Toronto, and see what it can offer in every possible way as I had always lived on an island. I am currently working as a graphic designer and as a doodle artist on side. I cannot stay away from drawing for even a single day of my life. As said before, I am also looking forward to working on some murals in Toronto or anywhere in Canada. In the meantime, I have some personal projects, selling products such as personalized canvas paintings, cards, apparels, mugs, bags, notebooks, anything creative really, but taking my time on it. Life is so busy here!

Q: How do you envision the future of in-person/ interactive events like theatre & art shows and live music events, given physical distancing measures and reduced capacity of indoor spaces? Is the future all digital?

I personally think that we are moving towards a digital future if the cases of COVID19 does not start to slow down, people are still not following the health & safety rules to help this. Maybe people can appreciate how art can be shared virtually now but in the future, it is human nature to feel seen, be touched and heard among other humans, in places where we can congregate such as art shows and live music events. People crave interactions and connection.

“Paradi dan lanatir” Nature Doodle for Office Interior by Celia Pang Kin Lan

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