Art Export Series – Pivot: Reflections on Adapting to a Changing Landscape

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In today’s digital world, how do you navigate exporting your work beyond your postal code?

As part of Artscape Daniels Launchpad’s 2020 Online Programming, several artists, arts managers, and industry experts hosted online Art Export Bootcamps to share their best legal and business advice to sell and produce art internationally.

Those online Art Export Bootcamps have now been made available as 6 free downloadable guides! These guides aim to equip artists of various disciplines with the necessary knowledge to confidently collaborate and share your art and services globally, be they physical or virtual.

Featured this week, Pivot: Reflections on Adapting to a Changing Landscape from Resident Expert, Neil Watson – Download the Guide here!

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, many of us have been teetering between crisis and ‘business as usual’. There has been an upheaval in how we work, create, connect, and participate in the marketplace, which has acutely affected creative entrepreneurs, artists, and emerging talent. As much as we are seeing change, there is the sense that the future will be some hybrid of ‘back to normal’ and ‘the new normal’. What that will look and feel like is shrouded in uncertainty and what that means for each of us – personally and professionally – is unfolding. In this guide, you will find prompts and frameworks for reflection designed to spark ideas of what you can do offline and online for your well-being, and the success of the work you create.


Neil Watson is a Canadian artist and photographer based in Miami and Toronto who balances two roles as the Director of Communications & Photography for Cortez Groupe, as well as Managing Partner at 10Leaves. Whether working within the realms of fashion, activism, or community engagement, his work strives to push boundaries, foster cultural inclusion, and broaden classically accepted definitions of ‘beauty’.

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