Announcing Guelph Arts Hub: A New Online Space for the Creative Community

Throughout this pandemic year we have all been forced to find different ways of adapting. Particularly, we have embraced digital resources as a means of working, learning and connecting with others. Guelph Arts Council understands the impact the pandemic has had on the arts community, and this has accelerated our move towards a new online space that will take the place of the current website. We are excited to announce the new Guelph Arts Hub, which is on track to launch in mid to late May 2021.

Guelph Arts Hub will:

  • Replace the current website
  • Be an accessible, user-friendly and mobile-friendly site
  • Be a collaborative space for a diverse community of artists
  • Enhance artists’ profiles and increase their online sales and geographical reach
  • Be a platform to share artists’ and arts partners’ digital content
  • Be an environment to share digital programming, live and recorded
  • Connect members through online forums
  • Provide a robust arts calendar and search tool
  • Amplify GAC’s arts education role

GAC began researching a new digital strategy through a survey and focus groups in 2019. The feedback allowed us to identify where our website falls short of current standards, including search capabilities, ease of access to key digital resources and AODA compliance. Since then, the vision for Guelph Arts Hub has evolved beyond addressing these issues. It will be a comprehensive online destination for artists, organizations and the broader community to connect, share and collaborate.

Guelph Arts Council has always acted as a hub space for the Guelph-Wellington arts community. An aim of the new website is to achieve this role through an online environment. When searching for resources, artists need not look further than the Guelph Arts Hub. Its comprehensive resource directory will list opportunities, guides, organizations and other content provided by GAC and partners.

GAC’s current website is limited in its functionality to share content. The new Hub will provide a better way for artist members to share and sell their work, connect with each other online through forums and for organizations to share their events, opportunities and resources.

For the broader community, especially those wanting to experience what Guelph-Wellington has to offer for arts and culture, the website will allow visitors to watch and book performances, view and purchase artwork and learn about upcoming events.

We still need support from you, the arts community, to truly achieve our goals. For ways you can get involved, either as an artist or organizational partner, please consult our Guelph Arts Hub project page.

By Michael Crha


Original Content courtesy of Guelph Arts Council, available via Guelph Arts Council is a collaborative content partner of artsUNITE/UNITÉ des arts, as they provide a link and share information between artists and arts organizations and the community of Guelph, Ontario.

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